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Pictures can tell a story themselves Just think of a theme and away you go

To tell a story in different means possible in what you see and hear.Such as doing brief stories in newspaper style using pictures and text the same with the magazine.You can do short video clips as like T V programmes like the News Documentaries are any other type you fancy. Podcast  can be created such as radio type shows  be a DJ create your own playlist .The choices are endless .

Possibilities with imagination

So with your imagination everyone has a story to tell with Pictures colours using text as a story way to get the viewer to see .Qzone 4u is the Platform to bring this about and most of all have lots of fun in the process doing it. The website is broken into three main section s a fictional story within in the page  Q zone . The Youth have a voice in what they want and the way as well this in Youth Media . Any related content to Cork is in Corkzone . All content has a  P G rating



Where in Cork?

Butter exchange


Around Cork